Mac & Linux:
  • Java 1.8.0 (preferred OracleJRE build 191)
  • SSLProx Installer Download

Copy the installer file into a directory where you want to install sslprox. Then open a terminal and enter the following command:
java -jar SSLProxInstaller.jar

Prepare Browser (Mozilla Firefox)

After you have started SSLProx, you can call the page localhost:8081/cert to download the certificate.

Go to the certificate settings

Import the certificate you have downloaded

Trust the certificate by ticking the two checkboxes

Go to the proxy settings

Fill in the form like this and press OK

Now you have set the browser correctly and can use sslprox

The certificate you added was created on your computer and is encrypted with a 30 character key. You can find this key in the conf.json file.